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Media companies and publications, whether they’re traditional or digital, trust One Hour Translation for all their professional translation needs.

As experts in over 100 languages, our certified translators and reviewers will accurately translate media and publication materials into your desired language. Because the language they translate to is their mother tongue, you can be confident that your documents will be accurate, error-free and easy to understand.


What kind of content do we translate for media companies & publications?


With our professional translation services, your readers will have no idea that the articles in your magazine weren’t originally written in their native language.

Company Blogs

Blogs serve as an important part of your inbound marketing strategy. That’s why it’s imperative that the content makes sense in all languages your company operates in.

News Articles

Your publication works hard to maintain journalistic integrity in your articles. When it comes to translating them into another language, our translators work hard to ensure that all they read like they’re written by a native speaker.

Online Subtitles

Do you need subtitles for digital content (e.g. YouTube videos and digital short films) translated into another language? Our professional translators are experienced in translating all types of dialogue.

Social Media

With social media, you can get up close and personal with your audience like never before. Our certified translators understand the importance of getting a clear message across. Every word counts.

Press Releases

Your company’s press releases communicate important news such as product releases and company updates to the world. You can’t afford to distribute inaccurate or confusing content. Our certified translators will make sure your press releases sound like they’re written by a native speaker.

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