Once you used one credit card on our site, its details are saved automatically. You will be able to use it again without re-entering the details. The details are fully encrypted and are not visible to anyone including the company employees.

In order to replace the card in the system, choose "Pay using a different credit card" when submitting your next project.


If you want to replace it without opening a new project, you can simply top up your account with any sum, using the following link: https://www.onehourtranslation.com/payment/quote/?amount=10000

Please choose "Pay using a different credit card" there too and insert the relevant details.

Once a purchase is made, the new credit card details will be kept in the system. 

The credits bought will be stored on your OHT account. The credits never expire and can be used to open new projects at your discretion.

Only the latest card details will be shown to you on the payment page. You will not be able to choose between different saved cards.

See How to remove my credit card details from your site?

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