We guarantee the safety of your information and documents on a number of levels:

Technical: We use HTTPS with SSL encryption technology together with other measures to make sure that all of our clients’ and translators’ details as well as all of the material translated are properly secured.

Legal: All of our translators are bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as part of the terms and conditions they sign before beginning to work with us.

As a legal entity, we can also sign a separate NDA with your company.

Our standard Non-Disclosure Agreement between One Hour Translation Ltd. and the clients can be found at Service Buyers' NDA.

If you need us to sign your NDA, please reach out to your account executive or send it to us at info@onehourtranslation.com. Our Legal department will review the NDA and have it signed.

You may also refer to our Privacy and Terms and Conditions pages:



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