CQR is short for Collective Quality Review.

It is a type of peer review where a fellow translator reviews the work of their colleagues.

The CQR tasks are offered to the translators with a “reviewer” status. The reviewers are OHT Translators who have completed many projects and have a high internal rating.

A reviewer can find the projects for review in Open Projects>CQR projects tab. 

A reviewer should check the translation and compare it to the source, state suggestions and errors that are found, and rate the translation accordingly.

The purpose of the review is to provide the translators with feedback about their work to ensure the best quality.

Please refer to these guidelines when working on the CQR review:

  • 5/5- Perfect translation. The translation can be sent to the client as is
  • 4/5- Translation is good. Some parts can be improved. The translation can be sent to the client as is
  • 3/5- Translation is okay. The translation needs to be revised closely (a few typos, missing part). Cannot be sent to the client as is
  • 2/5- Bad translation. Needs extensive revision or re-translation. Cannot be sent to the client as is
  • 1/5- Very bad translation, wrong translated file submitted, wrong language, machine translation etc. Cannot be sent to the client as is

As a translator, you will be notified once your translation is reviewed. We expect you to refer to the reviewer’s comments and if they are justified, revise the translation accordingly.

If you feel that the review is incorrect, please reply in detail to the reviewer using the relevant button.

See: Will I be compensated for doing CQR reviews? 

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