Quality is our commitment. We guarantee top-quality translations through our rigorous screening and quality parameters:

  • Translator screening - all translators are professionals who translate for a living and only translate to their native language. They are tested and manually screened before being allowed to translate.
  • We follow up with every translator after each and every project and rely on 20 different parameters to monitor quality.
  • Real-Time Reviews - we have our unique, patented quality-assurance system - Collective Quality Reviews (CQR). With CQR each translation is reviewed and rated in real-time by 5 or more Reviewers. If there are quality issues, we get involved.
  • Using our quality-verification technology, we can detect and deal with potential translation quality issues in good time. 

If you want even more certainty of the quality of the translation to a language you are not familiar with there are several options:
1). Translation + Editing - the translation is examined by another independent professional translator as described here.
2). Back-Translation - resubmit the translation back into the source language with a different translator

There are also several steps you can take when submitting your project in order to make sure the translation meets your requirements and prevent potential issues:

First of all, please make sure your project is submitted with the correct parameters: Please choose the relevant expertise in our Wizard, so that your project is allocated to the translator with matching skills.
On further steps of the Wizard, please insert clear instructions for your translators.
If available, please also provide reference material: screenshots, Reference files, glossary, links, description. 

What if I'm not satisfied with the results?
How do you ensure quality?

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