Certain documents such as medical, legal or highly technical documents require a translator who is an expert in the field and is familiar with the terms used. For these kinds of documents, we have an Expert Translation service where a native-speaking translator who is also an expert, and has experience working with such content, will work on your documents.
When submitting your new project via our Wizard, you can choose an Expertise if necessary.
You can choose from the following list:

  • Business General (no expert needed)
  • Ad-Words / Banners
  • Certificates Translation (suitable for translation of IDs, birth and marriage certificates, etc)
  • Automotive/Aerospace
  • CV/Resume
  • ¬†Finance
  • Forex / Crypto
  • Gaming / Video Games
  • Legal
  • Marketing / Consumer/ Media
  • Medical
  • Mobile Applications
  • Scientific / Academic
  • Technical / Engineering
  • Tourism
  • Training / Employee Handbooks

By choosing the expertise you are describing the content of your document. For example, if the document contains legal terms, a Legal Expert Translator would translate the file, since other translators may be not familiar with legal terms.

For our Expert Translation rates, please visit our Pricing Page. You can also  obtain the instant price quote using our Wizard.

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