There are 2 ways of doing this:

Option 1: Simply open a translation project via our Wizard and upload your audio/video (stage 4 of the Wizard).

Our calculation for translation of video/audio is 200 words per minute, e.g. for a two-minute video, the word count is 400. Simply enter the word count manually in Step 4.

Option 2:  First open a transcription project. (Choosing Transcription service in the Wizard).
When you receive the transcribed text, submit it as a translation project to your needed language.

Note, you need to log in to your OHT account to see the Transcription option.

This option is usually cheaper. However, the price quote for the translation can only be determined after the transcription is complete and it usually takes more time than the first option as it involves 2 projects : transcription and subsequently translation.

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