Our system is simple and transparent, the better you are in terms of quality, attitude, volume, client feedback etc., the faster you will progress, it is totally in your hands!

We have priced our rates in an attempt to find a balance between the needs of translators and our clients.

We are going to dynamically adjust project payments based on the many parameters related to the translator including:

  • Translation Quality - the most important factor!
  • "Pick-up" Ratio - how many of the offered projects are done in practice.
  • Availability and Responsiveness¬†
  • Status, Time and Projects with OHT¬†
  • Other parameters

Therefore, in many ways, the payment depends on yourself and your performance at OHT.

The payment goes up if you can work faster and deliver good quality, if you score a perfect track record with OHT, etc.

Apart from this, we provide greater benefit to translators by:

  • Eliminating all the hassle from freelance translation. For example, we always pay the translator (assuming the work was done properly), even when the client has not paid. We also handle customer service, etc.
  • Offering translators the flexibility of taking jobs that fit with other involvements.
  • Providing ratings, statistics, and reviews from a disparate pool of clients and professional peers that can help boost translator profiles and improve their services. The more a translator works with us, the more ratings and reviews he/she is likely to receive.

In addition, you can earn more on our site by joining our affiliate program. Simply log in to your account and go to the following link in order to read more about it and join:

You can place your own affiliate link in your e-mail signature, Facebook profile, your blog, website, etc.

The more the client you brought buys the more money you make.

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