Once you are registered on our site, you can check the pay intended for every project right on its page and choose whether you are interested to work on this specific translation.

Payment for translators is calculated per project based on quite a complicated formula so it's hard to provide exact numbers, however, as a rule payment is determined by a number of parameters:


  • project’s word count,
  • language pair,
  • the specific type of material (Expertise)


  • client’s status within the site,
  • client's MyTeam preferences


  • translator’s quality rating
  • translator’s relative rank
  • translator’s working record with OHT
  • response time
  • and more.

The calculation is dynamic and the payment for one and the same project may also change with time.

It is important to remember that in many ways the payment depends on yourself and your performance at OHT.

To give you a general impression about our average payment: based on our calculations and statistics, the starting pay for a project which takes an hour to complete is $12.

The payment goes up if you can work faster and deliver good quality, if you score a perfect track record with OHT etc.

In addition to the standard payment, a bonus payment will be added to each project. The bonus payment will be calculated per word and will be available for conversion 30 days after the project changed status to complete, assuming the client was 100% satisfied with the translation.

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