Please note, the recruitment in some languages may be temporarily suspended. You can leave your details and have your profile updated anyway. We will contact you if the recruitment is resumed.

The verification process is easy:

  • During the registration process, please check the "I am a translator" checkbox.

  • Update your details: language skills, and professional expertise under the relevant sections.
  • Upload a scan of your ID with the photograph or follow the PayPal verification link (it appears under “Thanks” section when updating your profile for the first time). Also upload any certificate that attests to your qualifications or experience.

Alternatively, you will need to apply for the One Hour Translation MasterCard (under My Balance section in your account). – If you choose this option, the verification process will be completed once Payoneer approves your application.

  • After you fulfill the steps above, your account will be verified and our staff will review the submission for individual account certification.

Please remember that being verified is not enough to receive projects. In order to start working with us, you should be certified by OHT staff. Read more about the certification process here.

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