Apart from regular translation projects, you may be offered another type of task – a QA (quality assurance) project. If available, you will find these tasks under “QA projects” section in your Open Projects page.

In this type of task, you will be asked to check the existing translation and provide your feedback on it. There is no need to provide the edited translation file in this type of project.

You will need to read the translation, rate it according to different parameters (such as readability, fluency/style and more), and describe the mistakes (if any) in the text. You will be compensated accordingly.

Be aware that the review process is monitored in order to prevent system abuse. Please make sure to provide a justified review.

Just like regular projects, the QA projects are time-limited depending on the word count of the project. You will be able to see the timer on the project page once you start such a project.

Our aim is to provide a translation of the best possible quality. By reviewing the project, you are making sure the document sent to the client meets the highest possible standard. As a result, this ensures that the client is happy with the final product.

QA projects also enhance your status, rating, and reputation as well as influence your rank in the system, which allows you to get more translation projects. Accepting QA projects quickly also has a positive impact on all of these factors.

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