One Hour Translation provides fast, high-quality translations 24/7.

We expect the translators to try and accept the translation task as soon as they see it on their <<Open projects>> page in Control Panel.

Our clients use our service to get fast results, so you have a time limit to submit the translation. If you fail to submit the translation within this time frame, the project may be re-opened for other translators, and you will neither be able to choose the same project again nor receive payment for that project.

Upon submitting the translation, the client may ask you for corrections or clarifications. We expect the translators to respond to these requests in a timely manner.
One Hour Translation allocates approx. 1 hour of translation time for every 200 words in the document and up to 8-10 hours per working day.

Once you complete the translation and submit it on the project page, you will be required to sign off on the translation, using the “Declare Completed” button. Please click on the button and complete the form that appears in order to sign off on the translation and have it sent to the client.

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