Once you click on an available project, you can opt to accept the project at your sole discretion. Once you accept the project, a countdown timer will appear on the project page, indicating the time remaining before the translation is due. Once you complete the translation, please submit the translation via the project page.

  • Please accept a project ONLY IF you can start immediately and deliver within the time limit allocated.
  • Read the customer instructions for the project carefully and check all the other parameters as well such as language pair, expertise.
  • Check and verify the word count before you start. If there is a problem, please notify us ASAP.
  • We expect all translators to treat customers respectfully and professionally, regardless of how customers behave.
  • Negotiating prices with customers is strictly forbidden.
  • Any use of machine translation is strictly forbidden.
  • Communicating with the customers outside of the platform via email or phone is forbidden - If needed, you are welcome to use the discussion board on the project page.
  • We are committed to deadlines – a project that is not delivered on time may be reallocated to another translator to complete. You will not be credited for expired projects that are reallocated to another translator.
  • Please note that it is up to the customer to decide whether an “Expert” translation is desired. Nonetheless, it is you, the translator, who decides whether or not to start the project.
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